Best Spy Gadgets

Super Slim Video Pen 2

super-slim-spy-pen-gadgetThis spy gadget is capable of capturing high definition video at a resolution of 1,280 x 960 pixels at a frame rate of 30fps and can also capture images stored in JPEG format. This new pen measures 14cm in length and weighs just 30g which is really cool as a spy gadget.

The HD Spy Pen internal memory can handle up to 1.5 hours of recorded video, and can be extend its limit by adding a microSD card up to 16GB in capacity.

To start spying using this latest gadget, user just needs to press a button on top of the pen and that’s it. After capturing your video you can now transfer the files to your PC by connecting the pen via USB into your computer. This spy gadget is available in Japan with a price of $65.

Brando Spy Camera Sports Watch

spy-camera-sports-watchWho would have thought that this ordinary and simple looking watch has a spy camera on it? Yes it has! This spy watch known as the Spy Camera Sports Watch was introduced by Brando Company. This watch has four-in-one function you can use it as a spy watch, camcorder, camera and recorder.

Aside from this function this Spy Camera Sports Watch features an internal memory of 4GB, rechargeable built-in battery, PC Web Camera, and you can operate PC via USB cable.

It can capture a photo with an image resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixel, color video resolution of 1280 x 960 pixel, 30 frames per second FPS, JPEG Image file format, AVI (MJPG) Video file format and an audio recorder. And the most important thing is that this watch is very easy to operate and it is now out in the market it cost $89.

Lenovo Spy Mouse

lenovo-gsm-sim-slot-spy-mouseLenovo has introduced this technology way back 2010 in the form of a spy mouse with GSM slot.

If you will look at it – it just look like an ordinary optical mouse but the truth is, the device has a secret slot for GSM SIM card underneath.

All you have to do is to insert the SIM card in the mouse and you can now activate it.

It also runs on GSM 900-1800-1900. Lenovo GSM SIM Slot has a lithium battery that can last up to two hours without connecting it to PC. Another thing is that this mouse has a reality picking sound function and it has a dual mic design.  This spy mouse has an original price of $52.49 per piece.

CamBall Spy Security Camera

camball-spy-security-cameraIf you are looking for a small but powerful spy security camera, then you might want to buy this latest gadget called Camball. This spy cam has the size similar to a golf ball and it’s fully waterproof allowing you to place it anywhere you desire.

The CamBall is available in two different models the SG-31 and the SG-30. Both model features a recording capabilities of 320 x 240 resolution at 25fps and can record for 2.5 hrs continually or 12 hours on a power save setting.

Captured footage can be playback using a PC or a TV. They have both 128mb of internal memory that can be extended to 16GB using microSD card, have an integrated mic for audio, an MP3 player, and have the ability to capture both digital still images.

The SG-30 original price are $149.99 and the $199.99 for SG-31, there is also a vehicle mount pack if required.

Spy20 High Definition Spy Watch

spy20-hd-spy-watchThis spy watch called Spy20 which is waterproof HD spy camera watch that features High Definition recording at 720p HD video at 30fps and can capture still images up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. Yes! You can do that with this little gadget.

The Spy20 has 4GB of storage capacity which is really awesome, a built-in mic, an AV out and USB port. Its battery capacity is 200mAh and is said to lasts up to 70 minutes while taking photos or capturing videos.

It has an AV out as well if you like to view in on a different monitor, I think it’s too small for the this watch to have a HDMI port. If you don’t have the money to buy such luxury watches that you have been dreaming of like Tag Heuer watches, this is a good choice for you, it has an elegant design plus cool features. Get one now for only $40.84.

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