BenQ SW2401PT IPS Monitor for Professional Photographers

BenQ has announced its latest display technology called SW2401PT. This new 24-inch IPS monitor by the company is designed for professional photographers. The BenQ SW2401PT is said to support up to 99% of AdobeRGB boasting accurate and brighter color reproduction specially for shades of blue and green and also comes with Palette Master optimization software and hardware calibration, BenQ’s RevolutionEyes technology, ZeroFlicker, 14-bit 3D Look Up Table, a black and white mode that will come in handy for photographers.

“Powerful, intuitive, and extremely advanced, the SW2401PT lets photographers blend colors with incredible accuracy to bring more creative integrity to their work.”, said BenQ’s Bob Wudeck. The BenQ SW2401PT is now available for $499 USD.


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