Beacon & Lively Smart Cuff Keeps you connected


For those ladies out there who are looking for the latest wearable gadget, you are on the right page. Beacon & Lively has introduced its newly designed jewelry that keeps you connected to your smartphone in a stylish and comfortable way. The Beacon & Lively Cuff is a wearable gadget and has the same goal with smart watches that is to notify the user for incoming calls and other important notifications for them not to miss.

The unique thing about this techie cuff is that it will glow with gentle vibrations when someone is calling or texting you. Not only that you can also customized the glow color and patterns like red from your sweetheart, green from your dad, yellow from your mom and etc. The Beacon & Lively Cuff is made of high quality plated metal available in several options including gold, silver or black. According to its creator, the battery lasts about 5 days on a single charge.

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