BBC Donates 1M Nano PCs to Schools to Make Digital Professionals


According to the latest tech news, the BBC will be providing 1 million Micro Bit Nano Computers to students that will be in their secondary for them to learn how to code and be a digital professional in the next few months/years depending on their skills.

The nano PC is called BBC Micro Bit, quite similar to Raspberry Pi starter units in terms of size and functionality. Upon researching, it seems that Raspberry Foundation is working together with BBC to complete their Micro Bit computers. It can also communicate with other nano/mini PC such as Arduino, Galileo, Raspberry Pi and other Micro Bit system.

Officials say the Micro Bit pc is simpler than a Raspberry Pi, but it’ll be useful and beneficial for kids to learn how to program using Touch Develop, Python, and C++ languages.


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