AutoBot: Anti-Carnapping Gadget


Mavizon Technologies from Louisville, Kentucky has introduced their latest technology dubbed as Autobot. This said gadget offers control over your car via a smartphone. It also works with a Bluetooth OBD-II, provided that your car is newer than 1996 model and can “diagnose engine troubles, keep track of maintenance, and locate your car via GPS coordinates”.

This latest gadget is very big help to lessen carnapping incidence because Autobot makes it easier to locate your car if it gets stolen, or you simply forgot where you parked your car. The device can also send messages to friends and family after a crash. This gadget also includes locking and unlocking doors, bringing up windows, checking up diagnostics, receiving oil change and tire rotation alerts.

Another good feature of this latest technology it is so easy to install even you can install this gadget there’s no need to look for a professional mechanic just to install this. Autobot costs approximately $300 but the sad thing about this is that there is no appropriate date when it will be out in the market but it is expected to be out by 2012.

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