ASTRO A30 Gaming Headset

Good news for all the gamers out there! because ASTRO GAMING, one of the manufacturers of premium video gaming equipment for certified gaming enthusiast has rolled out its latest technology, the new ASTRO A30 Headset. This latest gaming headset is designed to give gamers a new experience to switch from their old school speakers to this new headset which features a superb and entertaining sound. This new headset was also designed to be totally compatible with the Dolby® 5.1 powered ASTRO MixAmp™ which is an award winning in terms of quality sound. Furthermore, ASTRO A30 Headset can give tournament-level audio quality and crystal-clear voice communication in every type of digital entertainment devices including gaming consoles, personal computers and mobile devices. This newest technology has a retail price of $250.

ASTRO A30 Headset

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