Apple Watch Edition Buyers will get special treatment


According to the latest news on buying an Apple Watch, for those buyers of the Apple Watch Edition, customers will feel the buying experience of a luxury watch as if they are buying a Rolex, Tag Heuer, and other similar luxury watches.

Apple Watch Edition buyers will have a one hour appointment where they can try up to two of the 8 versions offered by the company privately together with an expert so that they can try and feel the watch itself on their wrist and check its features.

One hour of testing is only be given for the Apple Watch Edition Gold edition, while for those buyers of the Apple Watch they will only have 15` minutes to test the newest product of Apple

According to the news for those who will purchase either the regular stainless steel Watch or the Apple Watch Edition, they’ll have the option of “virtual personal setup” where in a staff of the company can guide them how to use their wearable gadget using video chat.

Not only that, buyers of the gold model of the watch will apparently get 24/7 customers support for the first two years.

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