WatchOS 2 for Apple Watch, Now Available for Download


Apple has finally launched its latest watchOS 2 operating system for its very popular smartwatch. This OS was expected to be released last week together with the iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad devices, but it was delayed because they’ve found out a bug on the software during the last minute.

This update is a major software patch for the Apple Watch, with a file size around 12.4MB which can be downloaded anytime as you wish. This software update generally solves some of the common issues as well as added new features for the smartwatch including hardware refinements and support for native apps. Of course you can expect much faster launching of applications and more access to the smartwatch’s hardware.

Upon installing the watchOS 2, you can get three new customizable Apple watch faces: Time-Lapse, Photo, and Photo Album. There are also added features such as Digital Touch & friends, improved Siri’s capabilities, much better Apple store experience and as well as great applications for the smartwatch itself.

Before you download the said update using Wi-Fi, you must charge your device to at least 50% to make sure it will not be interrupted when the device accidentally runs out of juice. Not to mention, it also needs to be in range of your iPhone and connected to WiFi before you can do so, and also the OS of your iPhone or iPad should be upgraded first to iOS 9.1 before you can download the OS for your watch.

Another cool thing with this patch is – Apple Pay setup is much easier to set-up using iOS 9 and watchOS 2 tandem. The process for creating and connecting an account should be completely separate, requiring you to set up each card individually before you can add it on your Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad, but because of the upgraded software, now it easily allow this and enable this settings to be synced throughout multi-devices.

To find more important details regarding the WatchOS 2 update and change log, you can visit this website.

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