Apple Mac Mini 2TB Now Available Online

If you can still remember, Apple announced the Mac Mini desktop PC back in October 2014 where it has only 1TB of storage capacity. The problem is when consumers have exceeded over that limit, they have no choice but to use an external drive or a high capacity flash drive to save their files.

Now the good news is – the company has announced an update to their Mac Mini now having 2TB of storage. The device now comes with an Apple Fusion Drive rather than a conventional hard drive featuring a 256GB SSD combined with a hard drive.

If you want to go with the 2TB upgrade option, it will only costs an extra $100 which is only available for the 2.8GHz dual core i5 Model, starts at $999 with 8GB of RAM included. There is a new option when you buy this Apple Mac Mini 2TB desktop PC where you can go for 512GB or 1TB SSD configurations for $300 and $800, respectively.


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