Altec Lansing VS4121 Black 2.1 Speaker System 31W RMS



  • Front Speakers: 6 Watts/channel @ 4 ohms @ 10% THD @ 150 – 20000 Hz 2 Channels Loaded
  • Subwoofer: 19 Watts @ 4 ohms @ 10% THD @ 20 – 150 Hz Single Channel Loaded
  • SYSTEM RESPONSE: 25 Hz – 15 kHz (-10dB)
  • DRIVERS (PER SATELLITE): Two 28mm full-range and one 3″ mid-bass driver
  • DIMENSIONS: 4″ (W) x 4.7″ (D) x 9.2″ (H)
  • SUBWOOFER DRIVER: One 6.5″ long-throw woofer
  • DIMENSIONS: 8″ (W) x 9.9″ (D) x 13.6″ (H)
  • Subwoofer not magnetically shielded

As you can see by the specifications, the Altec Lansing VS4121’s looks pretty good. The 6.5” long-throw subwoofer should give us some impressive bass and the satellites should be able to do well with the added mid-range speaker and the tweeters for the highs. The subwoofer is not magnetically shielded and should be left at least 2m away from any magnetic mediums, I think that Altec Lansing have over looked this feature which is somehow really important.

The unique thing about Altec are the satellites. The satellites have a unique base/stand. This is no ordinary base though. Underneath the base has integrated 3” mid-range speakers. The speaker’s sound is driven out through the bottom evenly from both sides as the stand has a small slant. Because of the speakers, the rest of the satellite is steady on any surface. The front of the satellite has two 28mm high-range range drivers/tweeters. One of the complaints from the 2100’s that are addressed with the Altec Lansing VS4121 is that the bass and treble controls are built on the right satellite. These are dials that are of high quality along with the volume control. The Altec Lansing VS4121 has a cool blue/purplish LED that adds to the overall finesse. The 4121 also contains a headphone jack.

The bass is very pronounced, and surprisingly crisp.  Altec did a very good job with this subwoofer design, as it produces very pronounced bass that is not boomy or indistinct.  In fact, the bass may be a little too strong for some smaller rooms, but with a quick turn of the bass knob, the user can adjust the sound to their tastes.

The overall impression when listening to a wide variety of music is that the VS4121’s accurately convey the high end and the bass, but the midrange is not nearly as pronounced as it should be.  This does have a negative effect on the listening experience, as many musical pieces do not sound as expansive as they should.  For a user who is not an audiophile though, the music will be very clear and neutral without any shrieking highs or boomy lows.

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