A-DATA XPG Plus DDR3 2200+ v2.0 memory


A-DATA has introduced its latest and fastest DDR3 Memory, the XPG Plus Series DDR3 2200+ v2.0 RAM. As the company said, they claimed this memory as the the fastest DDR3 memory in the industry.  The XPG Plus DDR3 has the latest Thermal Conductive Technology (TCT), and built with the superior cooling design, which able to provide greater cooling environment for both DRAM IC and PCB (printed circuit board), to improve the performance and greater stability.

The XPG Plus Series DDR3-2200+ v2.0 DRAM module is designed and guaranteed to run on future dual-channel platforms at incredible 2,200MHz killer speed with tight CL8-8-8-24 timings at a voltage of 1.65V, and are available in 1GBx2 and 2GBx2 dual-channel kits. With XPG Plus DDR3 2200+ double amount of copper in the PCB delivers, it lows temperature and also improves the power efficiency for the XPG Plus Series DDR3-2200 v2.0 DRAM module.

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