3M MPro 120 mini projector


If you’re looking for a portable projector, then this little techie gadget is what you need, the 3M’s MPro 120 mini projector. This latest technology features a VGA resolution, 12 lumens, 4:3 aspect ratio and image quality suitable for presentations alone. Its battery life can last up to 4 hours and comes along with cables and adapters to make it usable as soon as the battery gets charged. This gadget weighs just 5.3 ounces, and it includes a sturdy little flexi-tripod that was extremely handy in positioning the projector. It has a little flip-down foot at the front, but that only elevates it by half an inch, so the tripod stays on for the most part. The 3M’s MPro 120 mini projector cost $319.50.

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