Sunday , 24 September 2017
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Toshiba’s Latest Medical Technology: Viamo Ultrasound System


Toshiba has unveiled its latest technology, the new Toshiba Viamo Ultrasound System. This new advanced technology is used in medical purposes and has already received FDA clearance for this latest medical technology. The Viamo is a portable laptop sized ultrasound system with radiological capacity that can be operated using a touchscreen display interface or it can be used the old fashion way with a series of knobs and buttons. It combines portability with hi-resolution imaging quality to provide detailed improved visuals critical in making proper diagnostic recommendations. It is also ideal for a variety of patient exams, including traditional radiology, pediatric, emergency, OB/GYN, vascular and bariatric. There are lots of advantages when you use this new technology, like improvements in taking care of patients, especially for the immobile patient without the need for bulkier cart based systems.

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