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ASUS WX-Lamborghini Wireless Mouse

ASUS WX-Lamborghini wireless mouse is one of the latest technology of ASUS. We have also seen some car designs with Acer’s Smartphone and laptop

Scythe’s Mine 2 CPU Cooler

Scythe has launched its latest CPU cooler dubbed as Mine 2 in Europe. This CPU cooler supports Intel LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA775 as well

Transcend 8GB aXeRam Dual-channel DDR3

Transcend has announced their latest dual-channel DDR3 technology called 8 GB DDR3-2000 aXeRam memory. This kit when purchased includes two identical 4GB memory modules

HP Digital Sketch And Pocket Whiteboard

HP has introduced its latest HP Digital Learning Suite which is intended for Teachers and Students out there. These latest interactive tools helps the

Aerocool Sixth Element Mid-Tower System Case

If you are looking for a mid-tower system case for your high-end desktop pc, you might want to check this latest technology from Aerocool

Samsung World’s First DDR4 Memory Modules

I’m quite sure that many computer users still haven’t yet experience how fast a DDR3 is when used on a desktop computer or laptop.

Logitech K750 Solar-Powered Keyboard

We have seen too many wireless keyboards this year, but this latest wireless keyboard by Logitech was completely different and it’s called Logitech K750

Scott’s Tron-inspired LED Watch Concept

We have seen quite a few cool and unique watches like the iWatch(iPod Nano + Wrist Watch) and the weird concept TokyoFlash. Now once

Leica M9 Titanium Edition Camera

Another luxury gadget has been released, but now a camera dubbed as M9 Titanium Edition Camera. The M9 sports a Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH

Parent Mimicking Automatic Baby Rocker

The Parent Mimicking Baby Rocker is the best gadget that you can buy for your cute little baby while you are away from home.