Tuesday , 26 September 2017
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Samsung World’s First DDR4 Memory Modules

I’m quite sure that many computer users still haven’t yet experience how fast a DDR3 is when used on a desktop computer or laptop. In my cased I’m using DDR3 modules on my laptop and the difference among DDR1 and DDR2 is significantly fast. So the question is how fast would it be if we will use DDR4 memory? Speaking ...

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A-DATA XPG Plus DDR3 2200+ v2.0 memory

A-DATA has introduced its latest and fastest DDR3 Memory, the XPG Plus Series DDR3 2200+ v2.0 RAM. As the company said, they claimed this memory as the the fastest DDR3 memory in the industry.  The XPG Plus DDR3 has the latest Thermal Conductive Technology (TCT), and built with the superior cooling design, which able to provide greater cooling environment for ...

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Samsung 32GB DDR3 RAM

Samsung has unveiled the fastest RDIMM (Registered dual inline memory module) running on the world, the 32 GB DDR3 RAM module. This latest technology from Samsung are 20% faster than their previous 1.5-volt DDR3 modules. The new 32 GB memory module operates under 1.35 volts. The DDR3 memory modules are actually designed for server and high end desktop. The new ...

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Kingston's Latest Technology: KHX16000D3T1K3/3GX DDR3 RAM

Kingston’s new HyperX® T1 series features heat spreaders with HTX (HyperX Thermal Xchange) Technology that makes them literally the coolest for any new rig you may be building. This latest technology has a very high-performance which are designed with heavy aluminum extrusions with extended fins and other component technology to keep DRAMs cool and modules ready for performance, gaming and ...

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