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Sol Republic Tracks AIR Bluetooth Headphones


Sol Republic has announced its latest gadget called Tracks AIR Bluetooth headphone. This company has great passion for music and superb audio and they have teamed up with Motorola to create this new technology. One of the best features of the Track Air wireless is that user can listen to music or watch movie on your paired device i.e., tablet, laptop while still being able to receive a call from your smartphone, rather than being forced to pair with just one or the other. It’s quite similar to the Plantronics RIG headset I’ve featured on this blog a past few weeks.

But what makes the Tracks AIR wireless headphones unique from other wireless headphone available in the market? It is the technology called A2 Sound Engines that allows the Tracks AIR to deliver a music experience that has solid bass, clean mids, vocals, and extended highs.  If you are looking for a new level of Bluetooth audio experience this headset is really worth of buying. Battery life is claimed to be 15 hours, but there’s a cable available when you’ve run out of juice while on vacation. There will also be extra accessories for the “PowerTracks” headbands which are interchangeable with future colors and styles coming next year. Suggested retail price for the Sol Republic Track Air Wireless headphone is $199.99.

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