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Record Gaming Footage with Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket


Hauppauge has released its latest gadget called, HD PVR Rocket. This device is designed to record a 1080p Full HD quality of gaming footage of PlayStation, Xbox and PC gaming consoles using USB interface. This gadget also comes with a built-in mic jack and audio mixer for recording commentary and adjusting its volume before you upload to YouTube. The company also estimates that you’ll fill a 16GB USB drive with about four hours of 1080p of intense gaming footage.

For some, especially to gamers HD PVR Rocket will be a familiar gadget to them, because it’s the older brother of HD PVR 2, which was first introduced in September last year. The HD PVR 2 then was the highest quality video game recorder available on the market, but it required either a PC or Mac to save gaming footages. This time the HD PVR Rocket is in a new different level because it is now a a standalone device, and will not require a computer of any kind to record a gaming footage. The HD PVR Rocket is expected to arrive in Europe from November 15 onward, with a suggested retail price of 169 euros (around $230).

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