Tuesday , 22 August 2017
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Logitech Anti-Slip Lapboard


has released its latest techie stuff, the Logitech Anti-Slip Lapboard. I know you’re definitely aware how fast a laptop heats up especially when you place it on your lap, and in this position you’re thinking where you can place your usb/wireless mouse. So to solve this problem logitech has created this newest anti-slip lapboard with a retractable mouse pad and a slide-out pad so that you can always keep your wireless mouse with yourlaptop on the go.

This lapboard will no only provide you with a flat surface to place your laptop but also, it will keep your legs from the heat. The slide out mouse pad doesn’t add to the volume of the lapboard and is a nice solution for those who prefer a mouse over the track pad. Logitech, lapboard will shortly be available at $29.99.

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