Tuesday , 22 August 2017
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Gadget: AgfaPhoto DV-600uw Camera


A new techie gadget has been released recently, the AgfaPhoto’s DV-600uw camera. This latest technology is a water proof camera with a very simple architecture. This new gadget is really awesome, because it can be submerge in water deeply up to 33 feet, unlike the Pentax’s which is 16 feet. This gadget can be use if you’re going to capture fascinating scenery underwater. Unfortunately, this camera doesn’t have the specification you are expecting which is very high. Unlike the  hardcore camera specifications,  this camera just have 6-megapixels, with no optical zoom, and a plain old VGA movie mode instead of 720p.  We can say that the unique feature of this camera is the ability to submerge and water and take pictures with ease. The camera cost $199 right now.

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