Tuesday , 22 August 2017
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Under Water Gadgets

8MP Underwater Camera Mask Explorer Series

I’ve never tried taking pictures underwater because it seems like it would be a real pain in the a** , because you need to hold a camera while swimming. Thanks to Liquid Image’s latest technology, now you can keep your hands free as you swim with the help of their underwater camera mask! This is the world’s only swim mask ...

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Gadget: AgfaPhoto DV-600uw Camera

A new techie gadget has been released recently, the AgfaPhoto’s DV-600uw camera. This latest technology is a water proof camera with a very simple architecture. This new gadget is really awesome, because it can be submerge in water deeply up to 33 feet, unlike the Pentax’s which is 16 feet. This gadget can be use if you’re going to capture ...

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