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BOCCO is a Family Oriented Robot

Looking for a cool new robot? Then you might want to read about BOCCO Robot. BOCCO is a family oriented Wi-Fi connected robot designed

Honda unveiled a Newly Improved ASIMO

Do you still remember the Robot created by Honda 15 years ago? Yes, Asimo. Honda has recently announced an update with their Robot Asimo.

Valkyrie – Latest Female Robot from NASA

You have seen a couple of robots that was featured here in Techie-Pinoy, and now I’ll be featuring the newest robot created by NASA

Play-i Bo And Yana Programmable Robots for Kids

While searching for latest technology for education, I’ve found these cute little robots from Play-I named Bo and Yana. These two robots are educational

Gostai Jazz Telepresence Robot

French robotics company Gostai has unveiled their latest robot called Jazz. This telepresence and telesurveillance robot can be controlled using a web-based interface. Gostai Jazz

Japan Humanoid Robot HRP-4C

Japan has introduced its latest robot technology called humanoid robot HRP-4C. This robot was powered by gynoid battery and it was designed as a

Automatic Tidying Pickup Robot

Are you tired of going into the sloppy room of your kids every day, because they keep on messing up with their things? Then

Fujisoft’s Latest Technology: PALRO Humanoid Robot

Fujisoft has announced its latest technology named Palro. This latest invention is a humanoid robot, that can stands 39 centimeters tall, can dance, can