Friday , 21 July 2017
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Raspberry Pi B+ Model Price Cut! Now Only $25

Yesterday, I’ve posted a price dropped of a smartphone called YotaPhone 2 and today another price cut was announced, but this time a well-known mini computer called Raspberry Pi B+ model, successor of the Raspberry Pi Model B starter kit. This latest news was announced by Raspberry Pi foundation from $35 down to $25 as they have already released the ...

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PaPiRus eInk Display for Raspberry Pi Project

I have good news for all Raspberry Pi enthusiasts who want to add a low power display to your project. Introducing PaPiRus ePaper screen HAT for Raspberry Pi systems, this display utilized eInk/ePaper display technology which is said to conserve energy on your project systems as it only require a very small amount of power but still efficient in displaying ...

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Raspberry Pi Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Pico

Why Do You Need UPS for Raspberry Pi? Last few days I’ve posted articles related to Raspberry such as the Kano DIY kit raspberry-powered computer and the Photon Elephant 3D printer OS. Today we got a new technology for your Raspberry pi project and I’m very sure you will like this uninterruptible power supply (UPS) pico specifically designed for raspberry ...

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Raspberry Pi 2 Specifications, Pricing and Availability

What’s New in Raspberry Pi 2 model? Raspberry Foundation has announced an update to its popular single board micro-PC, dubbed as the Raspberry Pi 2. The first version of this popular board which is the Raspberry Pi model B starter kit was very popular to modding community, engineers, geek and techie people who love to work on electronics and robotics. ...

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Raspberry Pi Mini Computer

What is a Raspberry Pi? While searching on my local Facebook gadget group and OLX Philippines, I’ve seen this ads about Raspberry Pi starter kit unit for sale and  to tell you honestly, I don’t have even the slightest idea what it is all about and didn’t think of any possible purpose it can offer as I don’t really have ...

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