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ASUS E1Z Portable Projector for Android Devices

ASUS has unveiled its latest technology in the form of a portable projector called E1Z Projector. This pocket-sized projector is the world’s first LED

Acer P7505 DLP Projector

Acer has launched its latest DLP 3D-ready projector, the P7505. Acer P-series offers a premium projection solution with Full HD, WUXGA resolution for both

Chinavasion Titanium CVQF-M111 Digital Projector Phone

Chinavasion, one of the manufacturers of cheap projectors has released their latest digital projector phone dubbed as the Titanium CVQF-M111. Chinavasion claims that this

Chinavasion WiFi-Enabled Pico Projector

Chinavasion introduces its latest WiFi-Enabled Pico Projector known as – the CVOB-E72. This latest pico projector is run by a Linux 2.6.10 OS system.

3M MPro 120 mini projector

If you’re looking for a portable projector, then this little techie gadget is what you need, the 3M’s MPro 120 mini projector. This latest