Saturday , 22 July 2017
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Best Selling Power Banks 2017

What is a Power bank and Do You Really Need One? Power bank is a portable device/gadget that can be used to charge your smartphones, tablet, and other USB-powered devices wherever you are. They have different battery capacities from as small as 2000mAh up to 30000mAh. Similar to our smartphone, powerbanks also needs to be recharged once totally drained, ranging ...

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Ultrapak Go Charges Your Smartphone in 15 minutes

uNu’s Ultrapak Go 3,000 mAh portable battery pack is one of the world’s fastest self charging battery pack that can charge your devices to full in 30 minutes. It uses Ultra-X Fast-Charging Technology to store power up to 8X faster than conventional battery packs. The developer of this external battery claim that your device actually don’t need 3,000 mAh to ...

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PhoneSuit Flex XT Pocket Charger for Apple Devices

PhoneSuit has released its latest powerbank called Flex XT pocket charger which is specifically designed for iPhone 5s/5c/5, iPod touch 5th Gen, and iPod nano 7th Gen. The Flex XT has a 2600 mAh battery that can provide up to 150% additional power for an iPhone 5 and its extended Lightning connector will make sure that it can be attached ...

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Digital Treasures Power Bank w/ Built-in Cables

Nowadays, a Power bank comes really in handy to charge our handheld gadgets and devices when we need it the most. There are different kinds of power banks available in the market and what I’ve noticed is that its cables are too many and you need to carry these cables that are used to connect to the device you wish ...

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Volta High-Capacity Portable Power Bank

Power Banks are very important nowadays because of the fact that most handheld devices main problem arise after a few months of continuous usage is its battery draining to fast, that is because of several reasons. To mention a few: increasing popularity of location based apps, iCloud syncing and Increasing available of LTE.  Now with the help of this device ...

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Horizon MiniPAK Gadget Charger

Horizon has announced a new gadget, a charger that utilizes fuel cells using hydrogen which is more cheaper than any other charger. The MiniPAK gadget charger is the very first product based portable hydrogen fuel cells to compete in cost and serve you best features like an ordinary rechargeable batteries. It can be used to power mobile phones and other ...

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