Sunday , 4 December 2016
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Latest Technology Concept

Fujitsu’s Liquid Cooling Technology for Smartphone


Fujitsu has just announced its latest technology for smartphones in the form of a Liquid Cooling. Most smartphones nowadays especially those quad-core powered smartphones easily gets hot based from my personal experience. Smartphones normally do get hot while charging, while playing games, while having a call and by just simply using it. If you want your smartphone to lasts a ...

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Silent Power PC Passively Cooled Prototype


German start-up Silent Power has announced a high-end PC that uses a copper metal foam as a heat sink to eliminate noise from fans incorporating a full passive cooling design. Most of us are aware that copper conducts heat better than any other industrial metal and the metal foam on top of this high end pc is claimed to offer ...

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Razer Modular PC System: Project Christine


Razer has unveiled its latest prototype project called Project Christine. This new technology by Razer is neither a gaming keyboard nor a gaming mouse but it is actually a modular pc system. The company has showcased the Project Christine at CES 2014 in January. Judging by its revolutionary design, it seems that it can be configure by its user prior ...

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Go Green with AIRE Mask – Charge Your iPhone while Breathing


Nowadays going green and eco-friendly features is what most people are looking for when buying appliances and other gadgets because we are aware that despite of the benefits offered by those appliances we purchased, there are always negative impacts to us, especially the high amount of electrical energy they tend to use.  That’s why a Brazilian-based inventor named Joco Paulo ...

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Mikhail Stawsky’s Rotel Mechanical Mobile


Mikhail Stawsky has designed a latest mobile technology which is really unique called Rotel Mechanical Mobile. It does not use solar energy; rather it uses kinetic energy to be recharge. It has a hole in the lower portion of the handset, wherein you can insert your finger and you just need to spin the mobile phone or you can use ...

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TokyoFlash Watch Concept

While looking for a cool gadget in the web, I’ve just found out this latest concept of technology that has been introduced recently called Tokyoflash watch. This is just a concept and it’s really weird, because when you look at its screen you will only see black and green maze. Its exterior design was superb, though I know you are ...

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USB Wall Outlet Concept

I know time will come that we will need a lot of USB ports in our house for our old and latest gadgets on hand because as you can see most gadget and devices that are released are powered by USB. That’s why they (Lv Jianhua, He Dawei, Zhou Hanxiao & Xu Yao)created this concept of USB ports as a ...

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Nokia’s Latest Mobile Concept: Nokia Kinetic

While browsing the net early this morning, I’ve found this nokia’s latest concept of mobile called Nokia Kinetic. Jeremy Innes-Hopkins is the creative designer of this latest technology, the said concept is that when the phone receives a call or a message, there will be an electromagnet force in the base of the phones and the weight will be transferred ...

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