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Fujitsu’s Liquid Cooling Technology for Smartphone

Fujitsu has just announced its latest technology for smartphones in the form of a Liquid Cooling. Most smartphones nowadays especially those quad-core powered smartphones

Silent Power PC Passively Cooled Prototype

German start-up Silent Power has announced a high-end PC that uses a copper metal foam as a heat sink to eliminate noise from fans

Razer Modular PC System: Project Christine

Razer has unveiled its latest prototype project called Project Christine. This new technology by Razer is neither a gaming keyboard nor a gaming mouse

Go Green with AIRE Mask – Charge Your iPhone while Breathing

Nowadays going green and eco-friendly features is what most people are looking for when buying appliances and other gadgets because we are aware that

Mikhail Stawsky's Rotel Mechanical Mobile

Mikhail Stawsky has designed a latest mobile technology which is really unique called Rotel Mechanical Mobile. It does not use solar energy; rather it

TokyoFlash Watch Concept

While looking for a cool gadget in the web, I’ve just found out this latest concept of technology that has been introduced recently called

USB Wall Outlet Concept

I know time will come that we will need a lot of USB ports in our house for our old and latest gadgets on

Nokia’s Latest Mobile Concept: Nokia Kinetic

While browsing the net early this morning, I’ve found this nokia’s latest concept of mobile called Nokia Kinetic. Jeremy Innes-Hopkins is the creative designer