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Logitech iPhone Gamepad Controller


Looking for a sleek looking gamepad controller for your iPhone? You might want to check this latest gadget from Logitech, the Logitech iPhone gamepad with X, A, B, and Y buttons, a pair of triggers and a joystick (d-pad) for a typical game controller feel. The controller has also cutouts for the iPhone’s speaker, microphone, and camera so you can ...

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Phone X Retro-Style Dock for iPhone

Want to give your iPhone a retro-style look? Then check this latest gadget called Phone X Retro Dock. It was released by Japanese home electronics company Hashy-Topin. Using this iPhone dock you can convert your iPhone into a land line phone and make calls in the old fashioned way using a handset with a cord. You just need to place ...

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Homade iPod Boom Dock Portable Speakers

Are you tired of listening to your old portable iPod speakers? Then check this latest gadget for your iPod called Homade iPod Boom Dock. It is a retro-styled portable speaker like an old cassette tape player which has a docking station on top and can support most of your apple gadgets including iPod Nano, iPod touch, classic and mini iPad. ...

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iPhone and iPod Video Enlarger and DVD Player

iPhone accessories keeps on coming out, after the released of PowerEZ Plus External Battery now here comes a latest gadget for your iPhone called Portable iPod Video Enlarger and DVD Player. This cool gadget allows you to play your videos on your iPhone and iPod into widescreen. The gadget itself has 9-inch display and uses active matrix technology. What does ...

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iPhone Accessory: Konnet PowerEZ Plus External Battery

Looking for an iPhone accessory? Then check this latest technology by Konnet called PowerEZ Plus. What this gadget does is it charges your iPhone when it runs out of battery while watching videos from your phone and at the same time it acts as a stand for your iPhone. The PowerEZ Plus is a small external battery that can be ...

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i-Got-Control: iPhone to Universal Remote Transformation

Looking for a cheap Universal Remote Control? Then here is what you’re looking for. Introducing the i-Got-Control, a latest technology for iPhone that function as an IR transmitter combination that allows either iPhone or iPod Touch to become an All-in-One remote and can replace any remote control in your home. You just need to plug the device into the dock ...

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Desk Phone Dock: iPhone to Landline Phone Transformation

Yesterday I have posted one of the latest gadget for your iPhone, the iPad Dock. Now I’ll be introducing to you a new gadget  that was also designed for iPhone, known as Desk Phone Dock. This Desk Phone Dock  is an awesome gadget that can be use  to transform your iPhone to a Landline. iPhone users just need to plug ...

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Pad Dock: iPhone to iPad Transformation

Good News for iPhone and iPod Touch users, because now you can transform that iPhone of yours into an iPad through the use of this latest technology, the Pad Dock. You simple place your iPhone or iPod Touch into the Pad Dock and it will virtually magnify the screen, turning it into an iPad. The battery will last for 22 ...

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