Monday , 5 October 2015
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Razer to Incorporate Intel RealSense Technology in Gaming


According to the latest gaming news, Razer is working on a device that will enable motion-tracking to its gaming platform using Intel RealSense Technology. Razer is a popular brand name in the gaming industry and they have created different kinds of gaming peripherals such as gaming mouse, gaming pad, gaming controller, gaming keyboard, and gaming headset that is widely used ...

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Flitchio: World’s First Smartphone Case with Built-in Game Controller


If you are looking for a unique case for your smartphone, then you might want to check this newest smartphone case with built-in game controller, dubbed as Flitchio. Flitchio is a black colored smartphone case that double as a game controller, although its game directional pads are located at the back so I think you need a couple of days before you get ...

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Logitech G29 for PS & G920 for Xbox and PC


Logitech’s Newest Gaming Steering Wheel Logitech has unveiled its newest gaming peripherals in the form of a steering wheel for PC, PS4 and Xbox, dubbed as Logitech G29 and G920 Driving Force. If you have used the Logitech 25 and G27 Steering Wheel before, I’m sure you will going to enjoy these two new steering game controller as it features ...

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Valve Steam Controller Now Available for Pre-order


Valve’s newest gaming controller is already available for pre-order in the US and UK with a retail price of $50 and £40. The Valve Steam Controller features dual trackpads with high-definition haptic feedback, dual-stage triggers with a digital click at the end of an analog pull for more realistic gunplay. In addition, it also features magnetic flux sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer ...

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Grifta Modular Gamepad


Good news for all gamers out there, there is a new gaming gadget called Grifta Gamepad which offers a new level of gaming experience, performance and ergonomics. The Grifta is a 3 piece modular gamepad system which consists of a left unit, a right unit and a connector module. Most game contoller like the Logitech Rumble, Microsoft Xbox 360 gamepad are handled with ...

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What is OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality)?


Virtual reality headsets are also trending, and there are already few VR device recently announced from different companies and one of these is the OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality) Hacker Dev Kit by Razer. OSVR is a development system meant to get VR on all kinds of hardware. That means that headset makers, gesture control manufacturers, and gaming companies will ...

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Wikipad Gamevice Android Smartphone Game Controller


Looking for the latest game controller for your mobile device? Then check this newest technology by Wikipad called the Gamevice Controller which fully encloses your Android device, allowing only access to the screen. Users just need to attach their smartphones to the Gamevice then you can play your favorite games now with ease, because I know the feeling how difficult ...

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Logitech PowerShell iOS7 Game Controller


Last week, I’ve just published one of the newest game controllers for the IOS7 devices called MOGA game controller. Now we are about to see a new addition but this time from Logitech known as PowerShell game controller for the iPhone 5/5c/5s and the fifth-generation iPod touch. This gamepad is fully compatible with lightning-equipped iPhones and iPods and it will ...

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MOGA Ace Power iOS 7 Game Controller


MOGA has just launched today its very first iOS 7 game controller called MOGA Ace Power. This expandable gamepad is compatible with iPhone 5/5c/5s and the fifth-generation iPod touch using their lightning port and as long as they run on iOS 7. Indeed touchscreen smartphones are the latest display technology but we can’t deny the fact that there are games ...

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Razer Battlefield 4 Gaming Accessories


Razer has recently announced a complete line up of Battlefield 4 gaming gadgets including a mechanical gaming keyboard,mouse and a headset. Now, with Battlefield 4 just around the corner, I’m very sure the fans are very excited and with these new gaming gadgets exclusively for the game, they will definitely have a superb gaming experience. The gaming line includes the ...

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