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Nintendo’s Latest 3DS XL Hits North America in February

If you are a Nintendo fan living in the US, then you might want to read this latest tech news. The company is set

Razer Forge TV: Android Gaming Micro Console

At this year’s CES 2015, Razer has showcased its latest technology in a form of a android gaming micro console called the Forge TV. It

PlayStation 4 Destiny & Last of Us Remastered Limited Edition Consoles

If you live in Japan and you are looking for a limited edition gaming console you might want to check these out, the white

Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Android Gaming Console

Mad Catz has officially joined the battlefield of Android-based gaming consoles by creating its latest technology called M.O.J.O.  This android device runs on Android

Sony NGP “Next Generation Portable” Gaming Console

Sony has announced its latest technology which is said to be the PSP’s successor called Sony NGP which stands for Next Generation Portable, though

Microsoft Updated Xbox 360 Slim

Looking for the latest gaming technology? Then here’s what you’re looking for because last week, Microsoft has announced its Xbox 360 slim at E3.

Nintendo Updated 3DS with 3.5-inch Top Screen

Nintendo has revealed its latest 3D portable gaming technology – the Nintendo 3DS. The latest 3DS features a 3.53-inch top screen that enables 3D

Nintendo 3DS – Latest Handheld Gaming Console

Good news to all Nintendo fanatics, because Nintendo has announced its latest technology, the new Nintendo 3DS. I guess from the title itself you

Gaming Console: Nintendo Pocket Retro Game Emulator

Good news for all gameboy micro fanatics , Nintendo has released a new techie console, The Pocket Retro Game Emulator a console that really

Sony's Latest PSP: Sony PSP Go

Sony’s PlayStation Portable becomes the most popular gaming console to all the gamer enthusiast starting last year until now. The only gaming handheld device