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Xenon LED Illuminated USB Recharging Cable

I know most of us are having hard time finding our precious gadgets in the dark when charging, thanks again to the geeks out

Brando USB Encryption Card Reader

Brando has announced their latest gadget which is a USB card reader with encryption feature. This card reader will allow you to secure your

Transcend PCI Express USB 3.0 Card

USB 3.0 is coming near but still many computer users still don’t have their USB 3.0 capable system units. But don’t worry here comes

Latest DDR3 Memory: A-DATA'S XPG DDR3-1600G

Recently, A-DATA® Technology Co., Ltd., one of the top global manufacturer in high-performance DRAM modules and flash application products has rolled out its latest

Codeact's Latest Technology: GR100 video-editing keyboard

Codeact, a Korean manufacturer has announced its latest technology known as Greditor Pro GR100 video-editing keyboard. This new keyboard features a built-in jog/shuttle wheel

Wacom's Latest Wireless Device: Intuos4 Graphic Tablet

Wacom has introduced its new tablet, but now its latest handheld device is already wireless unlike the previous one. Introducing the new Intuos4 Wireless

Latest Technology: Razer Vespula Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer has unleashed its newest gaming mouse pad, the new Razer Vespula mat. This latest technology from Razer is a lightweight gaming mouse pad

Latest Device: Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 4TB

Iomega has unveiled its latest technology, the new Iomega StorCenter ix2-200. This new storage device is proven to be one of the best innovations

Latest Technology: CMGTX1 Dominator GTX DDR3 Memory

Corsair has announced their latest ultra-high performance DDR3 memory module, the CMGTX1 Dominator GTX. This latest technology from Corsair has passed the Intel’s certification

Kensington Wall Ultra Compact Notebook Power Adapter

Another latest technology has been released, introducing the new Kensington Wall Ultra Compact Notebook Power Adapter. This power adapter has some neat features, one