Brando USB Solar Charger Tree


Electricity efficient or those eco-friendly technology are the most in demand nowadays because customers are now looking on ways how they can minimize their electric bills at the same time which is good for the environment.  One good example of this kind of technology is the USB Solar Charger Tree by Brando which is recently introduced in the market.

This solar-powered charger is designed like a tree, having 9 branches that can share some juices to your gadgets and devices. All you have to do is connect a couple of wires, place the tree branches and stick the solar panels. Connectors supported are Nokia I, Mini USB(for Motorola/HTC/Dopod/MP3/MP4), Samsung, micro USB, Nokia II, PSP, LG, and the Samsung i900.

If in case it’s raining outside or the sun isn’t shining, don’t worry. The USB solar tree can also be plug in an outlet and use AC power to charge your handheld devices. The USB Solar Charger Tree is now available at for $55.