Point and Click Dictionary On The Go!

Isn’t a good idea if you have a pocket dictionary in your bag every time so if in case you’ve seen or heard a new word, you can easily find its definition, though some will not agree for sure because other people didn’t totally care at all with these new kinds of learning.
In my part, I do really enjoy reading books and it’s really handy if you can easily find the meaning of a new and unfamiliar word without going home and searching for it on the internet. Thanks to the latest technology, a new gadget was developed as the name implies, the Point and Click Dictionary is exactly what it’s named to be. You just have to point at the word you want to know the meaning of, click and the meaning will be provided to you by this electronic dictionary.

The Point and Click Dictionary has an integrated flip-up camera which is capable of scanning up the words in the text, and immediately provides you with the meaning as it scans the text. This eliminates the need of having a dictionary beside you. This gadget is indeed helpful to children, students, even to us who are not yet familiar with other vocabulary words. Another innovative feature of this device is that it is also capable of delivering very audible pronunciations of the words it scans. It has a built-in speaker which can easily pronounce a word for you and you can learn how to speak the word properly. There are lot of features of the Point and Click Dictionary and I think its price tag of $279.95 is really worth it.

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  1. Mary

    I myself love to read and have trouble when I encounter new unfamiliar words, wanting to find out the meaning right away so I could understand the context. I love this new gadget, it will definitely be a big help! Where is this available?

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