Monthly Archive:: November 2010

Kingston HyperX Max USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

Kingston has announced its latest USB 3.0 external super speed hard drive called HyperX Max 3.0. This new technology is 10 times faster than

Thanko Silent PC Keyboard Cover

Thanko announced its latest technology called Silent PC Keyboard cover. It is a new technology that features sound-proofing, thus eliminating the noise produce by

Acer Iconia Dual-Screen Notebook and Tablet in One

Acer has announced its latest technology called Acer Iconia. It is a dual-screen notebook that can also be used as a tablet. As you

John Phone "World's Simplest Cell Phone"

There are many people who are not contented on the phone they are using, once they have seen a new released of their favorite

Acer AZ5700-U2112 All-in-One Desktop

Acer has unveiled its latest technology known as the AZ5700-U2112 All-in-One desktop. This all-in-one PC has 23-inch multi-touch-enabled screen, a resolution of 1920 x

Acer 4.8-Inch Android Smartphone

Acer has released some details on its newly launched Android Smartphone which has a huge 4.8 inch display in its latest Global Press Event

Razer Tron-Inspired Gaming Mouse

Recently we have seen the Tron-inspired LED wrist watch, now we have Tron-inspired gaming mouse from Razer. For only $100 you can get a 

Orca PowerStrap – Charger for Traveling Geeks

What do you think is the common problem encountered by a geek or techie while traveling? For me it’s where we can charge our

AutoBot: Anti-Carnapping Gadget

Mavizon Technologies from Louisville, Kentucky has introduced their latest technology dubbed as Autobot. This said gadget offers control over your car via a smartphone.

Seashell SS2 Universal Waterproof Camera Case

Do you want to have a waterproof camera but you don’t have the money to buy one? Then check this latest digital camera case