AIS Latest Technology: RPDA37 Ultra Rugged Military PDA


American Industrial System(AIS) has announced its latest technology, known as RPDA37 Ultra Rugged military PDA. This new advanced military technology features a 3.7-inch LCD display with a resolution of 480×640. It is powered by a Maxwell PXA270 624MHz processor together with a 256MB of memory and 256MB of ROM(up to 1GB). Other specifications includes 4-wire resistive touch panel, Bluetooth, optional GPS receiver, optional GPRS/3G/3.5G connectivity, WiFi 802.11b/g, has two USB host ports, a RS-232 port, an Ethernet port, a CF slot, a microSD slot, a headphones jack, a microphone jack and runs Windows CE 5.0 or Windows Mobile 6.1. This new technology is also waterproof, shockproof, dust proof and any other extreme conditions such 60″ drop, humidity, altitude and sand resistant.

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  1. Maggie@ Managed Hosting

    Does it have any limits on its “proofs”? I ask, because I’ve had a camera before that didn’t specify, supposedly military grade, and when I went past 3 feet in water, was completely ruined. There’s nothing worse then finding out an expensive piece has its limits.

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